Utility organizations are challenged with creating a Smart Grid solution that meets the regulatory, business and technical requirements unique to each jurisdiction, utility and IT environment. With constantly changing variables, utilities require a flexible and adaptable solution. CGI’s Smart Grid Integration framework can help utilities overcome these challenges. Built from deep industry knowledge and technology know-how, it includes the essential building blocks to meet a utility’s unique needs and enable a faster time to market.


CGI’s Smart Grid Integration framework includes the following:

  • Utility functions and processes
  • Smart grid systems
  • Information models
  • Service-oriented architecture & Web services
  • Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) expertise
  • Off-site solution development environment and process
  • Solution instrumentation & monitoring
  • Secure development
  • Comprehensive testing
  • Project management


CGI’s Smart Grid Integration portfolio provides immediate value, bringing best practices and lessons learned to provide the following benefits:

  • Reliable electric service
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Cost savings 

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