Renewables Management System

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Control and automate hybrid renewable energy assets with real-time, data-driven recommendations for enhanced operational decision-making. As the drive to decarbonization accelerates adoption of renewable energy sources, organizations are seeking new and smarter ways to effectively manage renewable assets. Artificial intelligence...

At WindEurope 2023, CGI renewable energy experts Rita Burnay and Diogo Rebimba present a poster on a CGI-supported study that uses machine learning to predict wind turbine failures.

Peter Warren, Vice-President, Global Industry Lead, Energy & Utilities at CGI, shares how advances in renewable energy, including green hydrogen, require a high degree of energy system flexibility and data-driven technologies that improve decision-making.

The accelerated drive to net-zero is fueling adoption of sustainable energy sources and technologies. This includes greater use of renewable energy, the development of new energy ecosystems, and installing smart meters to better analyze energy consumption data.

In 2021, we expect to see a keen focus on government and industry commitments to the energy transition. Of course, an essential pillar to accelerate this transition is renewable energy, particularly as it gains prominence with continued improvements in efficiency...

In the renewable energy sector, understanding how to get the most out of assets is important to companies monitoring and controlling renewable energy generation plants.