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Industry 4.0: Making your business more competitive

This paper answers the crucial questions related to Industry 4.0—from what the Industry 4.0 concept represents and why it belongs on the C-level agenda, to the challenges, benefits and ways to implement this approach to gain a competitive advantage.


CGI Profio360

A comprehensive ERP solution designed to meet the unique requirements of project-based businesses in manufacturing and construction.

Case studies

Using rich data insight to drive proactive, predictive maintenance

CGI’s development team built a pilot, cloud-based elevator monitoring system using Microsoft’s Azure-based Intelligent System Service (ISS) and our own Intelligent Enterprise Framework (IEF), which facilitates the rapid deployment of IoT applications.


Industry 4.0 challenges and opportunities

Digital transformation is accelerating across the manufacturing value chain, as reported in the CGI Client Global Insights. Manufacturing organizations need to transform from product-centric to customer-centric enterprises, while optimizing operations to reduce costs, increase agility and hasten speed to market. CGI’s digital transformation vision for manufacturing is centered on transforming to Industry 4.0, leveraging technology enablers and creating a digital continuum across the value chain.