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Jennifer Anthony Mecherippady
Jennifer Anthony Mecherippady

Taking a page from the Agile playbook to advance artificial intelligence

2023-11-28 Today, there isn’t a discussion on the future that doesn’t include the role of artificial intelligence (AI). The focus is on identifying the opportunities that the responsible adoption of this rapidly evolving technology offers. But, as with any technology, success...

Diane Gutiw
Diane Gutiw

Guardrails for data protection in the age of GenAI

2023-11-13 To mitigate the risks of data exposure, major AI and cloud technology vendors provide responsible use frameworks and the ability to use GenAI tools in secure environments without risking data leakage to the public models. However, in a multi-model AI...

Expert profile picture, Leo Wohlschlager
Leonhardt Wohlschlager

Implementing AI in insurance: Four strategies for overcoming common roadblocks 

2023-10-26 While AI offers significant opportunity for innovation and transformation, successful implementation requires a meaningful commitment from leaders coupled with significant investment in strategic planning.

Gaby Lio headshot
Gaby Lio

Two artificial intelligence must-haves: An innovation culture and data literacy

2023-10-23 In my work as a data scientist, I have a front seat view of the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in turning vast data into actionable insights—insights that transform how organizations operate and the outcomes they achieve. The potential and...

Gilles Cymbalista
Gilles Cymbalista

The path to targeted and sustainable generative AI

2023-10-09 As organizations move fast toward the use of generative AI, much has been written about common considerations to keep in mind when exploring and implementing this promising technology. Yet, what is often missing in this dialogue are two important considerations...

Karandeep Singh, expert profile
Karandeep Singh

The transformative power of data-driven insurance and generative AI

2023-10-05 As generative artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve rapidly, it has sparked transformative change across the insurance industry. Learn best practices for insurers to pursue data-driven insurance and generative AI to create strategic advantage in the face of new disruptors.

Satu Kiiski
Satu Kiiski

Staying ahead of the AI game: Six considerations for bank executives

2023-09-27 This CGI blog post discusses key questions bank executives should consider in implementing artificial intelligence.

Frederic Miskawi
Frederic Miskawi

The future of artificial intelligence is a multi-model ecosystem

2023-09-18 Large language models like OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google's Bard, Anthropic Claude, and Meta's LLaMA generate excitement for their potential to support many artificial intelligence (AI) use cases. However, the most effective and innovative future AI systems will likely combine these versatile...

Eliza Lott

How artificial intelligence is impacting the future of work in financial services operations

2023-09-15 AI provides an opportunity to retrain the workforce on more complex and challenging work, including additional AI tool applications to further increase efficiency and improve the customer experience. The magnitude of near-term impact will vary by operational area.