Advanced analytics

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Data-Driven Manufacturing is our unique 4-step approach that aligns business objectives with data strategies and solutions to transform data into actionable insight.

This future scan provides a big picture view of maturing, scaling and emerging technologies that are helping enterprises drive innovation, change and agility in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.

CGI works with clients to develop a wide array of visualization products—geospatial, temporal, multidimensional, hierarchical, network and other special-purpose visuals.

CGI’s experienced team of advanced analytics experts provide business-led solutions that help organizations in their increasing efforts to place the customer and citizen at the heart of their decision making.

CGI's Healthcare Enterprise Optimization suite models health assets and resources to help executives make business decisions that optimize how resources are used, maximizing revenue and margin.

CGI’s Patient Safety Service provides a comprehensive electronic dashboard of adverse events affecting patients in the course of treatment.