Advanced analytics

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Using disruptive artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze data can lead to innovation in operational processes and in the development of new products and services. For data-driven insurance to be successfully implemented and sustained, top-down/bottom-up leadership is required.

CGI is addressing these challenges through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and this is creating new opportunities to improve the customer experience in collections.

In this paper, we share insights for helping financial institutions become more flexible, agile and resilient, uncover how platform investments can meet evolving their customer needs, and show the key role that strategic IT partnerships play for long-term success.

Using your best guess, what proportion of data-driven decision-making in your enterprise is focused on reducing errors and what proportion on identifying value-creating innovations?

This paper introduces the concept of operations intelligence and examines how it can help optimize energy supply chains.

To maximize the healthcare value it generates, the Sir Mortimer B. Davis Jewish General Hospital investigated the appropriateness of performing hospital enterprise optimization by using a linear programming based analytics model to make decisions about patient inflow into its Emergency...

This paper provides you with insights into our vision, approach and consulting service offerings in big data analytics in the retail and consumer services industry.

Preventing adverse events by mining “triggers” in patient data How can hospitals improve patient safety when their own symptoms of malady are not reported? According to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), hospitals need more effective ways to identify events...

With resources strained as far as they can go, police forces recognize the need to shift from traditional, reactive policing to a more proactive model. This means changing processes and adopting new technology so an officer’s time can be focused...