CGI Healthcare Enterprise Optimization is an innovative modeling and analytics solution that enables data driven insights for managing and forecasting resources, increasing efficiency and improving quality and access to care.

Optimizing healthcare value requires a shift in using analytics from monitoring and reporting what has happened, to using prescriptive analytics to make decisions-whether based on clinical insights to improve the patient experience, or financial insights for better planning and forecasting accuracy.

Healthcare providers face decisions involving multiple variables and potential outcomes that typically require months of analysis. CGI Healthcare Enterprise Optimization helps providers measure impacts, evaluate risks and identify optimal choices - more rapidly, intuitively and accurately.

Key benefits

  • Optimize for healthcare transformation. Align and optimize decisions with strategic objectives of the organization, whether financial, clinical, customer experience or business related

  • Simplify analytics. Advanced but easy-to-use business platform identifies an optimal set of activities or decisions. Insights are quickly generated, easily understood and immediately actionable

  • See the best path forward. Integrate financial and operational planning and generate insights for better ways to manage resources, reduce costs and improve forecast accuracy while improving quality and access to care.