A DNA evolution journey approach is required in order for Communication service providers (CSPs) to ensure their survival by transforming themselves into digital enterprises. A great deal of potential value is currently being lost, and CSPs are in danger of degenerating into mere pipeline providers unless they succeed in evolving their DNA. Their DNA crucially defines and limits their ability to deliver and maximize value for customers and stakeholders. An organization’s DNA consists of its cultural framework, business architecture and strategy, and brands. CSPs should focus on evolving their horizontal and external collaboration mindset and capabilities. This will increase the likelihood that their market protection and expansion strategies will succeed.

They are already engaged in efforts to improve customer experience and business process management and implement network analytics, all IP and customer 360° projects. But they also need to increase internal and external collaboration and enhance their knowledge-sharing capabilities. This will help ensure their sustainability by generating more innovations and creating more value. The prerequisite is learning to better manage the uncertainty gaps that high-density competitive and complex value chain environment generate. This involves intentionally changing values, norms and behaviors to embrace risks and uncertainty as the norm rather than the exception.