Eversight facilitates the recovery of human eye tissue for transplantation and research via a complex medical infrastructure of more than 170 staff and thousands of surgeons, researchers and other medical professionals around the world. The organization relies on CGI Notify as a communication channel to ensure that staff and stakeholders are informed of all facets of tissue recovery, transport and transplant processes―when time is the critical factor.

An organization with a vision

Eversight is a charitable, not-for-profit organization with a mission to restore sight and prevent blindness through the healing power of donation, transplantation and research. Their network of community based eye banks―in Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio and Korea―recovers, evaluates and provides human eye tissue for transplantation; supports research into the causes and cures of blinding eye conditions; promotes donation awareness through public and professional education; and provides humanitarian aid to people around the world in need of sight-restoring services.

The challenge: Communicating with a large network of specialists

Ensuring nationwide, real-time communication with a network of medical specialists that is geographically dispersed and often in transit is a difficult task to manage. Timing is critical for the prompt delivery of ocular tissues and their safe transport to recipients and research centers. In addition, extensive regulatory auditing requires Eversight to have detailed communication and notification records as part of their annual certification processes by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The solution: Seeing is believing

CGI worked with Eversight to discover key areas of communication gaps. These gaps pointed to a perfect fit for CGI Notify, a cloud-based interactive mass notification service.

CGI Notify includes RESTful web services to allow for direct integration with client enterprise resource planning (ERP) or management platforms. It also provides a standardized platform to send and receive SMS (Text Message), Voice, Email, and Push notifications globally.

Eversight took advantage of a “try-before-buy” offer from CGI to let the product speak for itself regarding the benefits of the platform.

Intuitive interface

CGI Notify provides a ready-to-use informative dashboard that allows Eversight to quickly send notifications, review current notifications and track results directly from the dashboard. Because the solution makes it simple to add groups and individual members to notifications, Eversight now has the ability to view notification details for delivery and responses―even when a voice message was answered by a person or a machine.

Eversight chose CGI Notify as an innovative way to interact with their nationwide network of professionals who coordinate donated eye tissue recovery, transport and storage. The organization now has the ability to transmit and confirm receipt of important information and auto escalate non-responsive teams to alternatives

The inter-redundancy of the CGI Notify platform enables a robust and immediate interactive, multi-channel communications platform ensuring the message gets through and confirmation gets back to the control center.

Results everyone can see

CGI Notify has delivered improved communication to medical specialists as well as increased real-time transparency on transport and delivery status. Using the solution has allowed Eversight to save more than 50% of the management and administrative time it previously required to coordinate recovery, transport and delivery of ocular tissues to surgeons and research centers across the U.S. It also has saved additional labor costs in producing reports for regulatory certifications. Building on the success of CGI Notify, Eversight and CGI continue to innovate in communications for the life sciences industry.