Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

Wednesday, February 2, 2022
11:00 a.m. Eastern Time



Virtual Shareholder Meeting Guide

Attending the Virtual Meeting

This year, we will hold our annual general meeting of shareholders in a virtual format, which will be conducted via live webcast.

All shareholders and guests can attend and view the live webcast. Only shareholders will be able to ask questions at the meeting, and only registered shareholders and duly appointed proxyholders (including non-registered shareholders who have duly appointed themselves as proxyholders) will be able to vote at the meeting.

To attend:

  • Use an internet-connected device such as a laptop, computer, tablet or mobile phone.
  • For optimal viewing and usage, the site is best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024x768 or greater.


Login to the meeting 15 minutes beforehand at:

  • If you are a registered shareholder, enter the 15-digit control number and password (“CGI2021”) found on the form of proxy into the shareholder login section.
  • If you are a proxyholder or appointee, follow the instructions on your form of proxy or voting instruction form and enter the 4-letter code provided by Computershare via email and password (“CGI2021”) into the shareholder login section.
  • If you are a guest, complete the guest login information.
  • Follow the instructions to access the meeting.


No matter where you are,
or what device you use, you can easily access the virtual shareholder meeting.

  • View the live webcast
  • Vote
  • Question box
  • Access meeting materials