Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

Wednesday, January 31, 2024
11:00 a.m. Eastern Time


Participant Guide


Attending the Virtual Meeting

All shareholders and guests can attend and view the live webcast. Only shareholders and duly appointed proxyholders (including non-registered shareholders who have duly appointed themselves as proxyholders) will be able to ask questions at the meeting, and only registered shareholders and duly appointed proxyholders will be able to vote at the meeting.


  • Login to the meeting 15 minutes beforehand at:
  • Enter the control number and password (CGI2023) provided on the proxy form or voting instruction form into the Shareholder login section.
  • If you are a duly appointed proxyholder enter the 4 letter code and password (CGI2023) provided by Computershare via email, into the Shareholder login section.
  • If you are a Guest, complete the Guest login information. Follow the instructions to access the meeting.

Live technical support

If you have any technical difficulties, click on the Help button. A technician will answer you live in the language of your choice: French or English.

Submitting questions

During the meeting, use the Question box provided on your screen to submit your questions.


To save the PDF presentation to your device click the Download button and select Open or Save As on your browser.


It is very easy to cast your votes. When the question subject to vote appears on the right-hand screen, click on the answer of your choice and then click Vote. If you are not eligible to vote, a message to that effect will appear in place of the Vote button.