Predictive analytics

Making smarter decisions based on actionable relationships

Organizations use data to decide who to approve, deny, offer, test, investigate and arbitrate on a daily basis. With each decision, they consider risk versus reward. Many are finding a need to easily identify actionable relationships to drive business value.

Both commercial and government organizations are using their data to learn from their own experiences and make smarter decisions with more reliable outcomes. Increasingly, they also are using data about the physical world from sensors, devices and telematics  ̶  the Internet of Things  ̶  to improve machine performance and safety.

Predictive analytics from CGI help clients analyze past behaviors and predict the likelihood of future behavior to create powerful advantages, for example:

  • Health insurers receive hundreds of claims daily and our clients are under extreme pressure to manage costs, pay claims quickly, and at the same time find and recover improper payments. CGI uses enterprise analytics to find claims that out of the ordinary, and worthy of special attention.
  • Tax and revenue agencies need to determine the ability and willingness of citizens to pay uncollected debt, and what method of communication would be the most effective to elicit a positive outcome. CGI has developed a number of predictive modeling applications to help these agencies recover the monies they are owed.
  • Cargo transport companies want to predict how much space will be available for cargo. CGI’s analytical model enabled our client to significantly improve demand forecasting and gain valuable insight into customer booking behaviors.