Mastering business agility and reinventing the technology chain are among top organizational capabilities to help organizations rebound and reinvent through the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are two pre-pandemic examples of how we helped clients reengineer their ways of working to become more resilient.

Reconfiguring a $1.2 billion digital transformation program

CGI has served as a key agile transformation partner for a global retailer based in the U.S. for more than 10 years.

Facing challenges with a long-term business and IT modernization program, it called on CGI to help it reinvent the project, which was stalled and failing to deliver the requisite business capabilities. CGI stepped in to reconfigure the $1.2 billion digital transformation program already underway.

In collaboration with client teams, CGI reengineered the program to breakdown technology and business barriers and put in place scaled agile approaches. As a result, the 597-person project was converted to a 170-person program, while increasing delivery by 11%.

Bottom line: CGI’s work helped contribute to an 80% improvement in delivering business outcomes, and the program was completed 16 months ahead of schedule.

Co-designing a new supply chain organization

One of our large pharmaceutical clients in Sweden sought to reinvent its supply chain.

In 2018, we helped them combine initiatives to improve environmental sustainability with logistics resilience. We co-designed a new supply chain organization, taking learnings from the rail sector, that reduced costs and supply chain breaks and increased lead times and quality.

After two years, the client experienced a yearly environmental benefit of 19,000 tons of CO2, an annual cost savings in the millions of U.S. dollars, and a 95% improvement in cold chain reliability. (The cold chain refers to managing the temperature of perishable products to enable safe, efficient, and reliable movement of temperature-critical products.)

Respond. Rebound. Reinvent.

Since our founding in 1976, being a responsible and caring member of the communities where we live and work has been a CGI core value. Throughout the pandemic crisis, our commitment to our communities remains as strong as ever. Our local experts in 400+ locations, combined with our global resources, help you respond to unprecedented challenges, rebound at the right pace, and reinvent ways of working. We are committed to supporting you and our communities. Visit to learn more.