When it comes to AI implementation, the greatest challenges stem from organizational cultures, silo mentalities and old practices. This blog identifies five common AI implementation challenges, along with suggestions to...

For many years, one of the biggest challenges faced in tax administration was figuring out how to capture the data needed to effectively assess and collect taxes owed to the...

Data growth is providing endless opportunities to process and combine information to create new value chains. If data is the new gold, augmented reality (AR) is the shovel. Data visualization...

The growing impact of intelligent automation in trade finance

Kittredge Carswell
Kittredge Carswell

Banks engaged in trade finance today are entering an incredibly exciting period of digital revitalization—a true turning point in their productivity and efficiency. Technologies such as intelligent data capture, predictive...

Building smarter communities through public-private collaboration

Will LaBar
Will LaBar

LEaRN is a smart community initiatives that pairs Louisiana Consolidated Government with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and CGI. LEaRN is working to deploy 300 low-cost air quality sensors...

Chief Data Officers: Who needs them?

Julie Richards
Julie Richards

As data assets grow larger and more valuable in our digital world, managing data is also becoming more complex. As a result, two of the top governance challenges facing organizations...

Optimizing healthcare value with prescriptive analytics – Part 2

Julie Richards
Julie Richards

The Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority (PSFD) (formerly Kent RFA), CGI and River Logic collaborated on a prescriptive analytics project to understand the impact and value of FD CARES, an...

Strategic information management in the digital age

digital insights practice
CGI’s Digital Insights Practice

Corporate information management has undergone a steady evolution over the past three decades. Organizations that have been quick to embrace new strategies and tools are surviving and thriving in continuously...