What does 2023 hold for manufacturers?

Instead of simply pruning assets, forward-looking manufacturers are looking to advance digital transformation and use technology to improve efficiency, innovation and agility for more holistic revenue growth.

4 steps to become a data-driven manufacturer

Today, manufacturers want to transform the way they operate to sustain growth, reduce costs, improve product quality and achieve operational excellence—all in a manner that supports their sustainability goals and...

Michaël van der Haven
Michaël van der Haven

Mobilizing the data revolution in energy


There is a revolution underway in the oil and gas industry. This sector has decades of experience in collecting and analyzing all kinds of data — from seismic data to...

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Technology Innovation Practice

5 common pitfalls when implementing AI, and how to avoid them


When it comes to AI implementation, the greatest challenges stem from organizational cultures, silo mentalities and old practices. This blog identifies five common AI implementation challenges, along with suggestions to...