As part of the Unified Manufacturing roundtable series, CGI experts discuss some of the key topics facing manufacturing leaders today. In this particular roundtable interview, we explore the topic of digital factories, which is at the center of digital transformation in the industry.

Unified Manufacturing is our vision for the future of the industry. It aims to unify manufacturers within their plants, across their value chain and with their wider ecosystem, helping them to be more adaptive and responsive to stakeholder demands. Through deep digital connection, integration of IT and OT, and application of proven business methodologies, manufacturers can realize their strategic vision and achieve an insights-led digital continuum. Core to realizing this strategic vision is the development and operation of a digital factory.

In this roundtable, CGI manufacturing experts Helena Jochberger, Kathryn Ashton, Ralph Bisschops, Guido Schwartze and Coen Huesmann discuss digital factories and their transformative role in the future of manufacturing.