In Finland, it is common for IT professionals to begin working even before graduating from university. Research by Education Statistics Finland reveals that approximately half of students studying IT take 15 years to complete their master’s degree. As well, about half of students in universities of applied sciences take 12 years to complete an IT degree.

Our professionals in Finland face the same challenge in completing their higher education. As part of our commitment to support our professionals’ professional development and increase their competence in technology, we launched a program with Karelia University of Applied Sciences that offers tailored study plans to our professionals.

Advancing learning while working

We received numerous applications across our Finland operations and the first batch is underway. The selected professionals across our 18 local offices will receive a personalized study plan along with credits for courses already taken. Tuition is free and lessons are conducted remotely, giving our professionals the flexibility to complete their studies while working. Professionals who previously studied at a university can also enroll and earn a degree.

Long term benefits for all

At CGI, we believe the knowledge, experience and expertise of our professionals are critical to delivering quality service to our clients. Through this initiative, our professionals strengthen their knowledge and expertise in technology and receive an incentive for graduating. Karelia University receives funding based on the number of students that graduate, encouraging them to facilitate the completion of students’ degrees.


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