Economic inequality affects many individuals and communities in many countries and there are often insufficient resources to change the situation. In the UK, research shows that social background can prevent access to higher-level education, employment and income, regardless of talent or hard work.

At CGI, we’re committed to finding ways to bridge the social and economic differences between groups across society. Attracting and including people from a range of backgrounds leads to diverse perspectives and can unlock innovation. We provide access to opportunities and resources that allow members to act for their future and create an environment that helps everyone succeed.

The following are examples of social mobility programs in our UK operations.

Upskilling in Wales

For example, to promote upskilling in our Bridgend, Wales, office, we developed a program that supports professional training and recruitment for members* wanting to progress from a help desk role to technical role, and for new potential candidates who don’t yet meet the standard required to join CGI in a technical support role. Since the program began in 2021, 63 candidates have participated, increasing their skills and development opportunities.


CGI’s EmployABILITY program helps students in the UK who are currently underrepresented in technology to pursue a successful career in STEM by connecting them with industry professionals and offering practical opportunities to learn about CVs, interviews, networking and more.

Agent Academy

To meet the growing industry demand for a skilled digital workforce, we’re partnering with Agent Academy to provide industry-designed training for young people who are typically underrepresented in the IT sector. By helping to secure emerging jobs for people who may not know these jobs exist, CGI has the chance to discover future talent.


To tackle economic inequality, CGI is partnering with Avado’s FastFutures to offer a free-to-access development program that helps young people — regardless of their background or geographical location — to develop skills needed for employment. At the same time, this program helps close the skills gaps for employers. More than 500 members have acted as mentors, supporting more than 550 young people who have participated in collaborative projects, interview practice and virtual site visits.

*We call our professionals members as a majority of them are also owners of CGI.

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