At CGI, we invest in mentoring programs across the globe to grow our diverse talent pool and cultivate the next generation of leaders. As part of these programs, mentees receive access to networking opportunities, career development guidance and coaching. Local mentoring programs are also available across our global operations to foster more targeted and impactful connections in each geography.

For instance, in our U.S. Commercial and State Government (CSG) operations, our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) and Strategic Operations teams partnered to launch a six-month pilot program called MentorMosaic. The program is focused on providing our consultants and professionals from underrepresented groups, including women, access to new opportunities.

Promoting client engagement and career advancement

MentorMosaic supports small group mentorship and focuses on specific skills for successful client engagement and career advancement. The benefits for participants include new skills development, learning badges, skills benchmarking, and industry-based certifications where applicable.

MentorMosaic launched with the following tracks:

  • Consultant Career Accelerator is designed to ensure early career professionals have the technical and business analysis skills to succeed in their career journey, as well as the foundational consulting skills to work with clients and CGI teams effectively. It focuses on four areas critical to being an effective consultant: professional communication in the workplace, personal mindset, self-management, and emotional intelligence.
  • Women & Leadership: Leadership Behaviors Accelerator is designed to help participants apply core CGI leadership behaviors to advance their careers. It addresses critical areas for effective leadership and promotion, including a coaching mindset, active listening and communication, and complex decision-making.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Accelerator: Cloud Practitioner + Associate Developer is designed to assist our consultants and professionals in achieving cloud certifications to accelerate their work with clients and position them for broader career opportunities. This track leverages our AWS partnership resources and focuses on practical applications in client engagements.

Our debut program, held from July to December 2023, comprised 96 mentees and 16 mentors.

In 2024, MentorMosaic will expand to include the previously offered Accelerators, as well as Microsoft, Data Engineering (Python, PySpark, Databricks, PowerBI, and Snowflake), and other industry offerings.