Restel, a leading restaurant services company in Finland, owns more than 200 restaurants across the country. During an increased period of telework resulting from the global pandemic, Restel employees needed to be able to sign contracts and other documents.

Removing time and place limitations from document signing

Already a user of CGI Digital Archive*, Restel was familiar CGI’s document management capabilities, so it was a natural next step to add CGI Digital Signature* to its solution portfolio.

“In a world where people are working increasingly from home, CGI Digital Signature is a great tool,” said Satu Miettunen, a financial manager at Restel.

The solution quickly and remotely adds necessary signatures to documents. Neither time nor place is a limitation. In addition, Restel can archive signed documents in CGI Digital Archive for later use.

Enabling a fast, easy deployment

Restel’s experience in managing CGI Digital Archive user names and access rights made it easy and fast for the company to deploy CGI Digital Signature. “During deployment, it is important to test the digital signature processes and configurations,” added Satu. “CGI's consultants provided us great support, responding quickly whenever we needed help.”


*CGI Digital Archive and CGI Digital Signature are part of the CGI Rondo document management solution portfolio.