CGI’s application portfolio management (APM) services enable organizations to continuously improve and evolve their application portfolios to address changing business needs and drive long-term value. Through our APM governance framework and services, CGI Unify360 Portfolio Manager, clients gain the following:

  • In-depth understanding of each application, including functions, interdependencies, business value, required support skills and more

  • Big picture view of the application portfolio to determine if it is meeting current objectives and to support decisions about its future evolution

  • Clear assessment of costs and risks of the current application portfolio

  • Alignment of business and technology objectives

  • Insight for effectively gauging the scope and impact of making any portfolio changed

Through APM, issues are identified and recommendations for improvement are made on an ongoing basis to ensure effective application management and optimization that improves performance and meets business objectives.

Our services also cover APM-related business activities, such as business process reengineering, change management, training, HR, etc.

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