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Automating global hazard communication

Regulations covering the life cycle of chemicals are subject to different regulatory schemes that are dependent on national or regional approaches. This poses a significant risk for organizations that need to manage large quantities of data, maintain compliance, compete in an increasingly global marketplace and improve the transparency of information in their supply chains.

CGI’s ProSteward360 is a trusted solution, underpinned by extensive regulatory consulting expertise that helps organizations automate hazard communication to satisfy these requirements in a cost-effective and efficient way.

ProSteward360 is offered as a SaaS solution that leverages a “pay-per-use” cloud platform and features:

  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS)/eSDS authoring exposure scenario management
  • Vendor SDS management
  • Workplace hazard communication
  • Supply chain support
  • Reporting and ERP integration

Bringing together industry and government best practices, ProSteward360 helps organizations streamline processes and obtain consistent compliance across the enterprise. By partnering with CGI, organizations can lower their overall costs and risks while increasing its productivity, responsiveness, and accelerate its ROI.