Mobile regulatory enforcement

Manage your workforce, optimize your business

Smart mobility provides public and private organizations an unprecedented ability to collect and distribute key compliance and safety information while increasing productivity and reducing costs. In order to keep up with safety and regulatory compliance demands, organizations need to optimize their processes and enable their workforce to make quick, informed decisions.

CGI OnCue360 is a robust, easy-to-use mobile inspection management solution that not only enables you to access and upload data from any smartphone or tablet in real-time, but also processes and analyzes that data to help you optimize your business.

CGI OnCue360 enables your inspection and safety workforce to get the job done from anywhere. Our paperless solution gives your team the support they need to be as effective and efficient as possible. By blending the expansiveness of the cloud with the flexibility of mobility, your team can gather the information they need to make quicker, smarter decisions. 

CGI OnCue360 enables workers in the field to:

  • Access robust databases via their mobile device so they can quickly and easily identify issues and enforce policies
  • Upload data and photos in real-time, saving trips to sync data in the office
  • Make the most efficient use of their time by optimizing their schedules and routes based on their location and timing considerations

Managers gain visibility into the whereabouts and actions of their workforce through map display functionality. The use of real-time data allows managers to better assist those in the field and provide immediate feedback.