Improving health information management

Healthcare providers are increasingly focused on lowering costs, improving efficiencies and enhancing the quality of care. Limited resources and complex business processes make this a daunting task. Additionally, organizations are mired in manual processes that reduce productivity and increase the possibility of losing critical data. Meanwhile, there is continued pressure to improve the revenue cycle within an environment of ever-evolving regulations.

CGI’s Sovera ECM solutions help providers harness the power of technology to advance their goals. Key modules include:

Sovera Health Information Management provides immediate, secure, web-enabled access to all patient medical records with integration to core clinical information systems:

  • Uses customizable workflows to expedite coding, chart review and completion, contributing to the decrease in AR and enabling Joint Commission compliance

  • Converts former paper record storage into revenue generating clinical space

  • Enables remote coding, allowing hospitals to reduce costs and improve turnaround

Sovera Patient Financial Services improves the revenue cycle and all post billing activities and processes, including the ability to: capture all billing related documentation; create online forms to communicate billing status, issues and inquires; and configure automated workflows that improve staff productivity.

  • Increases payments of the total account balance and reduces AR days

  • Highlights areas for quick attention and action

  • Ensures security and privacy

  • Enhances operational efficiency

  • Brings together all clinical media and is built around how providers see the patient