Agencies modernizing their approach to learning and development (L&D) can find the process daunting, if also rewarding. As budgets tighten and technologies evolve, squeezing ever more value out of L&D investments becomes critically important. Adopting a strategic and efficient L&D framework is essential to optimize investments and empower their workforce to drive successful change.

However, it requires a cohesive strategy, which organizations frequently overlook due to a lack of comprehension, time or resources. Often, L&D falls to top performers and managers who may find it difficult to effectively devise learning materials or communicate in a way that addresses evolving needs. To further complicate matters, budget pressures increase scrutiny on where and how investments are made. 

The stakes are even higher, though. L&D contributes to employee satisfaction, retention, and the ability to attract top talent. This requires moving beyond traditional training methods and strategically connecting your organization’s strategy with individuals’ objectives and skill development. Aligning your strategy in this manner enables seamless collaboration among people, processes, and technology, thereby facilitating success.

CGI Federal's learning and development (L&D) experts draw on their combined years of experience in this white paper to offer proven strategies to ensure L&D efforts align with organizational goals and objectives, along with insights into technological solutions and modernized approaches that can revitalize or elevate your L&D program.