Recruiting scams have become more prevalent, whereby hopeful job applicants are contacted by a fraudster claiming to be a CGI representative or employee and conducting a fake job interview. After the fake interview process, the fraudsters then attempt to obtain financial and other sensitive personal information from the victims, typically in exchange for money related to the recruitment process.

Please note that CGI never asks individuals to send money, nor will CGI issue a check for individuals to purchase their own equipment. If someone claiming to be a representative or employee of CGI contacts you and asks you to send money or asks for your personal information in exchange for money or a large gift, it is a scam. Read the information below to learn how to protect yourself.

All official CGI correspondence will arrive from an email address ending in “”. CGI does not use third-party email providers (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail) and does not conduct screening of candidates through third-party chat or messenger applications (e.g., Telegram, Google Chat, WhatsApp).

If you are contacted by an individual claiming to represent CGI from a third-party email address, using a third-party chat application, or asking for or providing payments during an interview or screening process, this is NOT an official CGI communication and is fraudulent activity. Please do not respond to these requests.

CGI has taken several actions to help battle fraud involving the use of its brand or its executives’ names. If you suspect fraud or believe you may have provided your sensitive information to a fraudster, report the incident to your local authorities. If you receive suspicious communications referencing CGI, its executives or any part of our organization, please submit an inquiry by clicking the “Contact” button in the upper-right corner to send us a message.