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SensorInsight360 helps Train Operating Companies gather real time information on track and asset performance to improve network performance and passenger experience.

CGI’s Insights to Action Report presents the global insights and perspectives we gain from listening to our clients, and showcases the innovative work we are doing to support them in becoming digital enterprises.

CGI’s Pro Logistica is a retail solution for onboard sales in airline and railway services.

CGI Traffic360 is a business process outsourcing service that offers both automated and manual processing of any type of transportation data. With CGI Traffic360, transportation operators benefit from reliable, timely and cost-effective data processing.

CGI’s Pro Logistica is a retail solution for onboard sales in airline and railway services.

CGI’s Navici Trip Planner delivers accurate, up-to-date travel information based on a user’s geographic location.

Level crossing safety remains one of the highest priority areas of improvement targeted by railway infrastructure operators. A particular challenge lies in providing cost-effective solutions in remote, low density traffic sections of the network. SAT-LX is a satellite-based advisory warning...

Business leaders are under increasing pressure to make quick and accurate decisions. However, it’s often difficult to pull together the data needed to support business assessment from all levels of the organisation. To complicate matters further, market and regulatory bodies...

CGI’s intelligent transport solutions improve customer service and loyalty, as well as reduce customer churn and costs. We help you develop a business case and build the components for an effective transport management capability. With our industry alliances, we also...