Organizations of all types are increasingly focused on improving the management of their information systems to drive performance, growth and success. However, traditional approaches to application services (AS) management are falling short in meeting today’s challenges.

In managing their applications, many organizations are aiming to achieve the following:

  • Cost reduction: Reduce spend on non-core management activities while generating more IT and business value

  • Global delivery: Receive services worldwide in a consistent manner at a competitive cost

  • On-demand business: Implement non-traditional business models, such as outsourcing, offshoring, cloud computing

  • Increase agility: Implement flexible solutions that can be efficiently adapted to rapidly changing business needs

  • Reduce complexity: Improve enterprise performance through process and system consolidation and harmonization

  • Innovation: Use technology innovation to deliver value-added business improvement

With traditional AS management approaches, effectively achieving these objectives on an ongoing basis has been a challenge. One of the key shortfalls of traditional approaches is their focus on input rather than output. With these approaches, the number of people required to perform everyday tasks is more of a consideration than the output of those resources.


CGI’s approach to AS management, unlike traditional approaches, concentrates more on the output side. Our ProAction-AS methodology is a disciplined and objective approach to AS management that focuses on outcomes - not resources. Through rigorous oversight and measurement, ProAction-AS ensures organizations achieve their ultimate business and IT objectives.

ProAction-AS is an innovative approach to application services that delivers the following:

  • End-to-end application development and maintenance.

  • Strong focus on business objectives and desired outcomes.

  • Strong focus on quality and continuous improvement.

  • Enhanced visibility and understanding of the application portfolio.

  • Industrialized processes, methods and tools.

  • Disciplined and rigorous governance at all levels.

  • Clear, measurable results in terms of quality, operational excellence, security, incremental value, innovation, and long-term, sustainable business value.

  • Client intimacy and the formation of long-term partnerships based on trust and measurable outcomes.

ProAction-AS is helping clients worldwide achieve their strategic IT goals, including modernizing their portfolios, becoming more agile, reducing operational costs, driving digital transformation, enhancing cybersecurity and embracing new delivery models to better align revenue and costs.

We invite you to read further to learn more about the strategic advantages of ProAction-AS and the potential value it could bring to your organization.