What is your current role at Treserva? 

Manivannan Balakrishnan

I work as a Senior Developer, where I participate in all agile forums followed in the team. My role includes understanding the business requirement and provide solutions. As a Senior Developer, I collaborate with the team to achieve the goals planned, adhere to the guidelines followed, deliver the goals planned and I am responsible for 100% SLA compliance. My goals is to improve the performance of the application for both the current and proposed solutions.

As a Senior Developer my responsibility includes providing innovative solutions up to the market standard, and I also provide recommendations for continuous improvement. My ambition is always to deliver the solution on time to the market and improve the system quality by following and implementing the standard operating procedures. My areas of focus are integrating the different types of applications into an umbrella, and upgrade the current desktop solution into web-based solution.


Why do you choose to work at CGI and with Treserva?

CGI is an internationally known organization in different geographies. It has an employee friendly environment and has many career growth opportunities. I enjoy the comfortable working environment and I think that CGI and Treserva gives you opportunities for continuous learning and development. I like to work with multicultural teams in different geographies and I really appreciate how we work with information and knowledge sharing forums and with innovative solutions.

Furthermore I believe that we have a healthy relationship with the customers. I also think CGI and Treserva has a great respect for individuals and a great amount of recognition. This provides an environment which paves the way for the individual for their dream and vision!


What is the best thing about being a Senior Developer at CGI?

The best thing being a Senior Developer is to participate in architectural discussion forums, and you get several opportunities for using different tools and technologies for the solution. I also really like collaborating with partners directly for the discussion. I’m involved in continuous improvement and all phases of the delivery model. This makes me more active, healthy and comfortable, and I think it’s fun to face the challenges.


In what way do you feel that you are developing yourself during your time here at CGI?

I have actively participated in "fika" to acquire knowledge from colleagues, and I have subscribed to communities et cetera to get the latest updates. I have also created a learning plan in the learning portal.


Why do you think that you should apply to positions at Treserva?

For myself, it is really the best fit for my experience, and I think CGI and Treserva gives you better opportunities for your career development. Also, you get the great opportunity to collaborate with multicultural teams!