CGI has partnered with Helsinki University Hospital and Planmeca, a leading manufacturer of high-tech digital imaging devices, to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) solution that assists radiologists in interpreting brain CT scans and detecting the most common types of non-traumatic brain hemorrhages.

In this video, Miika Korja, Neurosurgeon and Chief Innovation Officer at Helsinnki University Hospital explains how the solution is helping clinicians and radiologists in everyday diagnostics.

According to Kimmo Alaniska, Vice-President, Healthcare for CGI Finland, when AI is properly leveraged as supportive intelligence for healthcare professionals, it can streamline processes, improve quality, and even save lives. AI Head Analysis is an example of harnessing AI in a unique way and packaging it into a solution available to hospitals around the world. It ensures patients get help quickly and the type of brain hemorrhage is correctly identified so a full recovery is possible.

CGI and Helsinki University Hospital are revolutionizing the diagnosis and treatment of the most common type of brain hemorrhage.

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