Web-based commissions and channel management for communications providers

The digital age is fueling increased competition and forcing communications providers to place heightened emphasis on acquiring and retaining high value customers. Effective channel management, combined with the ability to explore any new sales channels, is becoming key for market leadership and differentiation—both for established companies and start-ups. This makes advanced, flexible and highly-scalable commissions systems, like eINcentTM, more important than ever.

eINcent empowers today's information and communications providers by enabling:

  • Creative marketing strategies
  • Innovative sales incentives
  • Competitive commissions programs
  • Accurate and timely sales compensations
  • Improved cost and management control

Leveraging web technologies, eINcent allows you to achieve competitive advantage and speed to market for new marketing and sales initiatives. At the same time, eINcent streamlines commissions and sales compensation processes across the enterprise and external sales network, and can improve retention of valuable sales staff. This state-of-the-art solution combines multi-level scalability features that support long-term growth and flexibility that minimizes future maintenance costs. Combined with CGI's extensive commission expertise, eINcent is the solution you have been seeking to maximize customer relationships and to capitalize on opportunities in the new era.

CGI's industry and commissions experts can advise you on how effective sales compensation management will affect your business, and how to capitalize on opportunities in the digital age.

Business benefits and features

Taking full advantage of the Internet, eINcent integrates all sales channels into a single web-based solution, allowing for minimized application deployment and development costs. eINcent interfaces seamlessly with other customer operations systems and allows for rapid time to market. Multilevel scalability features allow for management of complex sales force structures and support of changing market needs.

Regardless of the complexity of your sales environment, eINcent enables you to successfully manage the entire sales compensation life cycle from streamlined development and modification of incentive plans, through commission calculation to evaluation of sales channel performance. 

CGI's state of the art solution for sales compensation and commissions management, eINcent, provides communication providers an edge through the following features and benefits:


Competitive commission models table
Competitive commissions models
  • Any commissions-related information can be used for input and definition
  • Algorithms based on any number of criteria
  • Vast number of industry best practice models included in start pack
  • Easily expandable models and algorithms
Powerful, multi-channel sales structures and model maintenance
  • Any new channel or structure of channels can be captured
  • Parameters easily modifiable through user GUIs
  • Easy to link to any product or service, or combination thereof
  • Sales force management across channels
Sophisticated sales organization management
  • Flexible maintenance of sales organization data
  • Easy modeling of complex sales hierarchies
  • Flexible configuration based upon sales representatives' profiles
  • Easy maintenance of external and internal channels
Innovative sales incentives and marketing initiatives
  • New product or marketing scheme launches supported real time.
  • New incentives using any combination of variables
  • Reward securing of high-caliber customers
Comprehensive sales performance evaluation
  • All sales channels integrated into one solution
  • Full automation allows for consistency and accuracy of information across enterprise
  • Feedback on the effectiveness of new sales initiatives
  • Supports optimization of sales mix
  • Improves management information and cost control
Flexible commissions calculation
  • Multi-level review and approval capabilities
  • Advanced filtering capabilities


  • Sophisticated workflow supporting adjustments, recalculation and review at any point in the cycle
  • Flexible calculation options
Dynamic reporting
  • Integrated management and user reporting 
    (batch and ad-hoc)
  • All ODBC compliant reporting tools supported
  • Embedded e-mail for sending out reports
Multi-dimensional scalability and security
  • Platform and database independent
  • Fully distributed
  • Accessible anywhere over the Internet
  • Easy integration to other Operational Support Systems
  • High security measures
  • Highly configurable with multi-language and currency capabilities
  • Comprehensive auditing capabilities
Cost-effective and rapid integration
  • Minimal deployment and maintenance costs through use of internet technologies and standard web-browsers
  • Rapid deployment                                   
  • Quick return on investment
  • Complimentary integration for 3 rd party software through the use of free elements such as Perl, Java Apache web server and standard web-browsers
  • Easy integration to other operational support systems