Accelerating business outcomes for clients through our ecosystem of partners

In today’s world, collaboration is key to achieving long-term success. We collaborate with our clients and an ecosystem of partners to build a better future for all using advanced technology. Watch our video for examples of great business outcomes we create together.

CGI’s end-to-end capabilities—from consulting to systems integration to managed services—combined with Automation Anywhere’s market-leading robotic process automation (RPA) technology delivers business value at pace and scale for today’s digital organizations.

We offer 1,000+ trained and experienced RPA professionals, including certified Automation Anywhere experts, combined with broad expertise in other emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, data management, and cybersecurity. Working with Automation Anywhere,  we help clients achieve more than just process efficiencies, but also automate complex decisions and interactions across a spectrum, ranging from augmentation to full autonomy. Our work enables employees to focus on high value work, and we use our proprietary Intelligent Automation Framework as an accelerator.

We also provide deep industry expertise, local expertise and global delivery capabilities that help clients across the globe to scale their automation projects and deliver business outcomes.


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Trained, certified, experienced RPA professionals worldwide
Advanced analytics / artificial intelligence experts
Global automation centers of excellence, local practices and labs


Connecting the cubes

Intelligent automation (IA) strategy and assessment work

We help clients define their IA ambition through structured workshops, process assessments, an IA roadmap, and a technology vendor ecosystem that delivers RPA expertise and capabilities.


RPA exploration workshop

RPA exploration workshop

Through this half-day workshop, we explore enterprise-scale RPA benefits and identify process areas for a possible RPA proof-of-value sprint.


IA sprint

Intelligent Automation sprint

Together with clients, we select one to three IA or RPA use cases or processes, develop and test automations, run them in controlled pre-production, and prove the value and business case.


Agile work in progress

Intelligent Automation production and scale

We help clients build an agile design factory using templates and pattern libraries, manage process and use case backlogs, prioritize use cases, build and test/release bots, and build and integrate production architecture and infrastructure.



IA change management

Intelligent Automation change management

We collaborate with clients to develop change management plans, update HR policies, develop new roles and responsibilities, create job descriptions, establish training, develop an IA Center of Excellence model, and manage transitions.


IA managed services

Intelligent Automation managed services

Our experts manage bot control rooms, provide bot maintenance, support and optimize license usage, manage KPIs, leverage lean process reengineering, and provide a bots-as-a- service model that is metered and billed on a pay-as-you-go model. We can host leading RPA platforms in our secure data centers or manage them on client premises or in the cloud.

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Manufacturing executives cite optimizing operations and digitizing processes to improve agility and efficiency among their top business and IT priorities. We use intelligent automation and our ecosystem of automation partners to help clients advance their digital agendas.

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Following the economic impacts caused by pandemic-related lockdowns, manufacturers faced a dramatic drop in demand. This compelled executives to focus on measures that drive efficiency and reduce costs. Learn how we helped a top automotive manufacturer use RPA to optimize processes and reduce cost. Read our case study.