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Markus Kaiser
Markus Kaiser

Ethical considerations of AI in newsroom workflows

February 26, 2024 From research to verification of information, production, and distribution, and from accounting to workflow scheduling, AI and intelligent automation currently support routine tasks along the journalistic value chain.

In 2020, FMM initiated a project to transition to CGI OpenMedia solution, run by a team with a strong focus on change management. Dedicated infrastructure was provisioned for OpenMedia rather than trying to share resources with existing systems, while workflows...

CGI OpenMedia integration with aiconix enables broadcasters to deploy a powerful combination of AI language processing with human editing.

CGI showcased powerful new AI tools for news and radio broadcasters at IBC2023, Amsterdam, on September 15-18.

CGI OpenMedia integrates with to directly connect social media management within the news production process.

The rise in importance of sustainability in the broadcast industry has been one of the most significant meta trends in recent years. Driven onwards by both public and investor sentiment and given further impetus by the increasingly observable effects of...

We anticipate a continuation of the technological shifts that have already been taking place over the past few years. This year is more about evolution than revolution, and there are three key trends that are expected to dominate the way...