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expert profile headshot - Olivier Hochon
Olivier Hochon

Choosing the right solution for end-to-end process optimization 

2024-04-29 Through digital technology, financial institutions, including banks and insurers, can streamline, optimize, and integrate their back- and front-end business processes across the enterprise to improve efficiencies, the customer experience, and more. The question is which solution is best for achieving...

Daren Rudd
Daren Rudd

Fit for the future: adapting to an evolving insurance landscape

2024-04-17 Most insurers are facing a shifting business and technology landscape, along with more fundamental near-term pressures from five core areas: costs, clients, competitiveness, capabilities, and compliance.

Erik Mann
Erik Mann

Life insurance policy administration system migrations: keys for staying on course

2024-04-04 Why do so many life insurance carriers continue to live with outdated legacy administration platforms? The answer is that migrations are difficult and can go off course without the right people, governance, methodology and tools in place.

Rekha Terway
Rekha Terway

Navigating change: Why managed services make sense for insurance carriers

2024-03-21 The property and casualty insurance industry continues to face economic pressures, talent shortages, and the need to adapt quickly in a climate of rapid change. According to our latest Voice of Our Clients research, difficulty hiring IT talent continues to...

Expert profile picture, Leo Wohlschlager
Leonhardt Wohlschlager

Implementing AI in insurance: Four strategies for overcoming common roadblocks 

2023-10-26 While AI offers significant opportunity for innovation and transformation, successful implementation requires a meaningful commitment from leaders coupled with significant investment in strategic planning.

Karandeep Singh, expert profile
Karandeep Singh

The transformative power of data-driven insurance and generative AI

2023-10-05 As generative artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve rapidly, it has sparked transformative change across the insurance industry. Learn best practices for insurers to pursue data-driven insurance and generative AI to create strategic advantage in the face of new disruptors.