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CGI AdminVax helps organizations predict demand, confidently order vaccines, and obtain the analytics and transparency that will be vital in addressing the needs of stakeholders.

CGI’s Waterway Monitoring Service digitizes the inspection of waterways, using satellite data to map out large areas of waterways, and then a machine-learning model to assess their status automatically. As a result, physical inspections can be limited to problem areas...

In 2019, as presented in our CGI Client Global Insights, we spoke in person with more than 1,550 executives across 10 industries to gather their perspectives on the trends affecting their enterprises.

CGI OnCue360 is a mobile regulatory enforcement and field data collection offering that allows smartphones and tablets to capture compliance assessments in real time.

CGI’s experienced team of advanced analytics experts provide business-led solutions that help organizations in their increasing efforts to place the customer and citizen at the heart of their decision making.

Overview of CGI health IT solutions and services. CGI builds and manages business, clinical and IT solutions for the complex and mission-critical operations of public and private sector health organizations.

Hidden City: Innovating urban transformation

CGI's integrated solutions help governments adopt modern and efficient work practices to support crime prevention and community policing; crime detection and analysis; courts, prosecution and probation; judicial administration; and border management.

CGI is helping to lead many successful shared service implementations across all three branches of government as both a provider and in support of various federal Shared Services Providers. This experience, gathered over more than three decades, enables CGI to...