In many jurisdictions, hundreds of millions of dollars in delinquent debt sits on the books with little to no collection activity. Why? Most agencies do not have the tools or staff to collect the debts efficiently, nor do they have collections as their core mission. Even when agencies have millions of dollars in receivables, they may not have staff whose sole focus is delinquent collections.

When collections are pursued at the individual agency level, it is often a highly manual process. Most agencies lack the economies of scale to implement modern case management systems and practices. While typically they have a billing system, that system is focused on accounting processes and does not provide the automation, workflow, risk scoring and self-service channels needed to efficiently and effectively collect delinquent debt.

CGI Advantage ERP clients have a unique opportunity to recover millions of dollars in delinquent debt by deploying the modern case management capabilities of CGI Advantage Collections. When integrated with CGI Advantage ERP, this proven solution delivers robust functionality to increase collections throughout the lifecycle of an account. It also provides an enterprise view of data that supports both accounting and collections for greater accuracy and visibility. Organizations can achieve higher recoveries by automating the debt collection function that exists across multiple agencies. CGI clients have certified more than $5 billion in increased revenue recoveries by implementing CGI Advantage Collections.

One of the hallmarks of CGI Advantage Collections is that it was developed with a deep understanding of government collections practices, which typically are quite different from commercial collections. Implementing this collections case management system, in conjunction with CGI Advantage Financial Management, provides robust functionality across the full account lifecycle to:

  • Automate manual processes and data gathering to improve results and accuracy
  • Gain economies of scale using one system for all collections activities
  • Enable new levels of visibility into outstanding receivables, providing the status of every debt across the government, regardless of the agency or the collection status of the case
  • Allow the best cases to be worked at the right time as informed by predictive models
  • Support centralization of tax and non-tax debt collection if desired to reduce duplication of effort and further increase recoveries
  • Fund modern collections technology from recovered revenues