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Watch how together with our clients, CGI is using the power of technology to create a better future for all.

Helsinki Elderly Citizens Foundation makes its food service operations paper free with CGI Aromi.

Technology has become a key enabler for new work practices that promise to shape the future of work for years to come.

CGI proposed an innovative remote work approach to help Kateri Hospital agilely overcome COVID-19 barriers. The approach involved a tool that facilitates remote design thinking collaboration, including brainstorming workshops and project checkpoints.

Three organizational capabilities industry leaders will need to help navigate the business challenges caused by COVID-19

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, a leading provider of high-quality behavioral health services in the United States was providing onsite treatment at its numerous outpatient clinics, and delivering inpatient treatment at its hospitals. The provider specializes in mental illness, alcohol and...

Malin Lindgren
Malin Lindgren

10 recommendations to unlock human capital to respond, rebound and reinvent through the pandemic

May 21, 2020 Social distancing requirements in response to the COVID-19 pandemic created immediate and drastic changes to the way we manage our workforces. For the first time, many employees found themselves working from home full time, affecting their attachments to their organizations...