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CGI’s Credit and Loss Prevention Consulting team brings a disciplined approach to assessing an organization and optimizing its credit and loss prevention operations.

CACS Bankruptcy Case Management is part of CGI’s CACS Enterprise collections and recovery system, which supports high-volume credit processing for all consumer products. By integrating collections and recovery, whether managed in-house or through outside partners, CACS Enterprise helps you reduce...

In 2019, as presented in our CGI Client Global Insights, we spoke in person with more than 1,550 executives across 10 industries to gather their perspectives on the trends affecting their enterprises.

Learn more about the four key components required for banks to transform and successfully compete in tomorrow’s banking marketplace.

CGI’s Payment Controls Consultancy Program offers innovative services to transform payment processing and minimize fraud.

Learn how CGI works with leading banks to digitalize for the future.

Learn how CGI works with leading banks to protect their businesses and customers for the future.

A world of opportunity awaits for financial institutions to drive competitive advantage from payments growth and enable the introduction of innovative services for customers by modernizing their payments processing infrastructures.

Learn how CGI works with leading banks to modernize for the future.