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As a payment solutions provider, CGI often must explain how we handle the migration from MT messages to ISO 200022 MX messages in high-value and cross-border payment markets. The simplest answer is that we migrate the heritage payment system to...

CGI is a proud sponsor of The Global Treasurer’s Transaction Banking Survey, which offers critical insight into the corporate-to-bank relationship.

Three organizational capabilities industry leaders will need to help navigate the business challenges caused by COVID-19

In 2020, we conducted in-person interviews with 54 client executives on the buy- and sell-sides of capital markets, who indicate a continued focus on protecting client information through cybersecurity.

In 2019, we conducted in-person interviews with 124 client executives in the retail banking sector are focusing on digital channel adoption, the demand for omni-channel services, and the need to manage security, regulation and aging infrastructure.

In 2019, we conducted in-person interviews with 62 client executives in the corporate and transaction banking sector who cite evolving customer needs, as well as regulation, security, technology advances, and real-time payments and platforms, as dominant drivers this year.

In 2019, we conducted in-person interviews with 69 client executives in the capital markets sector who cite the growing importance of data insight, cybersecurity and regulatory compliance, along with the need for innovation, as the predominant drivers this year.

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In this paper, CGI outlines a new way of looking at payments modernization, refocusing on the payment service user—typically the retail or commercial customer of a financial institution.