Supporting open, unified, real-time information

Training, promoting innovation and disseminating scientific culture: CNAM offers a wide range of activities. The first operator of adult vocational training in Europe, CNAM welcomes over 100,000 students annually in its 150 offices located across 28 regional centers in France. In particular, students continuing education come from a broad range of professional experiences, backgrounds, locations and age ranges. During their studies, most students are also engaged in a professional activity. The workforce consists of 2,000 permanent employees (teaching and administrative) and 7,000 professional suppliers.

The Challenge
The project objectives can be summarized in a few words: unity, openness and quality of information. Indeed, since the law concerning the freedom and responsibilities of universities was passed in 2007, the government has identified three main target areas: “Make university attractive,” “break free from the paralysis of the current governance model” and “make academic research visible internationally.”

Our Answer
The project, named SISCOL, is part of a continuous improvement strategy. It is therefore subject to continuous development implemented on an incremental basis. The aim of the first release is to make a tool available to the institution for managing all activities centered on structuring the educational management, including: the education offer, planning courses and exams, student registration, managing attendance, managing grading, and student finances (pricing, billing, accounting). This first release was rolled out in institutions based in Paris.

A Success Story
CNAM can now showcase their enrollment portal. Enrollments are transmitted freely and easily. Managers devote less time to processing enrollments and can now dedicate themselves to their core business, student support.

Process management has improved the quality of the data and facilitated immediate synergies between the functions and the benefits that come with this.

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