In 2009, the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) decided to adopt a process allowing it to judiciously select projects that are aligned with its investment strategy and strategic plan. CGI collaborated in the development of the solution, which is composed of various adapted tools and designed to offer an investment overview and optimize accountability. It was also intended to enable the RAMQ to meet the requirements of the Act Respecting the Governance and Management of the Information Resources of Public Bodies and Government Enterprises, as well as of related rules and regulations.

The Challenge

  • An investment overview – The new decision-making support tools were designed to offer the RAMQ an overview of investments and to allow it to take into account the alignment of investments with the organization’s strategy and capabilities.
  • Change management – The entire project management community was affected by the introduction of the new investment management process. Everyone had to adapt quickly to the changes related to the new solution and learn how to take advantage of the new tools made available to them.

The Strategy

Seeking to improve the organization’s performance with respect to the various crucial investment-related aspects, CGI guided the RAMQ to a strategy that breaks down into four main business objectives.

  • Objective corporate management – With the support of the CGI team, the RAMQ laid the foundations for impartial collective management of its investment portfolio. In so doing, the RAMQ is able to direct the selection of projects and investments in accordance with corporate criteria and in line with its investment strategy.
  • Sharing and reliability of all data – The new solution allows the RAMQ to show greater transparency regarding its investments, as well as to assess the status of projects and the achievement of objectives. The RAMQ is now also able to compare projects and support the decisions to be made regarding their start-up, continuation or termination.
  • Consolidation and continuous improvement of a single process –CGI’s experts built on the RAMQ’s achievements and contributed to the improvement of certain methods so as to adapt them to the new corporate processes and, thus, further the adoption of industry best practices in integrated investment management.
  • Empowerment and accountability of all stakeholders – CGI helped implement a process promoting clear communication of each party’s responsibilities and an understanding of the role each stakeholder must play.

The Results

  • Corporate management of projects and investments
  • Process fostering greater transparency of project portfolio management
  • Reliable data used as a tool to support decision-making
  • Sustained support of the project management community

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