Advantages of HORIZON Retail Banking

  • Low cost, high value: HORIZON Retail Banking is hosted on a secure, shared infrastructure, reducing your costs while, at the same time, delivering high value. You can also take advantage of our supporting CGI Circuit services, which include network, disaster recovery and hosting services. 
  • Highly scalable: As your business grows, you may need additional HORIZON components and/or supporting services, as well as more power to process your growing volumes. HORIZON Retail Banking can be easily expanded to meet your evolving needs. 
  • Extremely secure and stable platform: As a managed solution, HORIZON Retail Banking passes annual Section 5970 audit reports with no reported deficiencies year after year and consistently meets or exceeds client service level agreements.
  • Quick and easy integration: HORIZON Retail Banking’s modular design facilitates quick and easy integration with other HORIZON and third-party solutions and services, enabling you to build a custom solution that can be evolved to meet changing business needs. 
  • Third party interfaces: HORIZON Retail Banking can be integrated with third-party solutions using Web services. Integration with any standard third-party interface is possible. Current supported interfaces included online banking, clearing and settlement, fraud detection and anti-money laundering, credit bureaus, bill payments, switching, document management, card ordering, etc. 
  • Easy to implement: HORIZON Retail Banking is delivered through a web browser, requiring no onsite setup. Training is available onsite, with scheduling and delivery options designed to meet your operational needs.
  • Conversion services: CGI’s HORIZON conversion team is highly experienced, having successfully performed more than 100 successful conversions on many different banking platforms. Following a proven methodology, our conversion team takes your staff through every step of the conversion process. 
  • Commitment: Nearly 40 percent of revenues generated from HORIZON Retail Banking is consistently re-invested in the development of expanded features and functionality to our clients.

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