Your file rooms are bulging with patient records. Regulatory deadlines are looming. Staff spends an enormous amount of time handling claims and denials, responding to inquiries, managing collections and maintaining accurate billing data. Are the challenges of running the business of healthcare hampering your ability to focus on patient care and customer service?

As a leading provider of enterprise content services for the healthcare industry, CGI can help. Our Sovera solution for Patient Financial Services (PFS) automates patient intake, correspondence, customer service, payment and collections. Sovera PFS can help bring your business into compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations while letting you:

  • Improve the overall revenue cycle with increased cash collections
  • Reduce denials, accounts receivable days and bad debt
  • Improve productivity and reduce administrative costs
  • Improve customer service

The Sovera PFS solution streamlines patient intake through registration scanning and electronic forms, signature as well as account processing for increased productivity and profitability. Faster collections, consolidated business offices and reduced administrative costs add up to rapid return on investment. Sovera PFS supports:

  • Preadmission
  • Admission
  • Insurance verification and pre-certification
  • Financial counseling
  • Billing support
  • Follow-up collections
  • Patient/payer inquiries
  • Cash posting
  • Correspondence
  • Refunds