CGI understands the joint venture lifecycle and the role of collaboration in improving joint venture success. We offer an industry-leading, cloud-based collaboration solution for joint ventures called License2Share. License2Share brings together joint venture parties with disparate applications, processes and data to form a single, secure platform for effective collaboration.


  • Single platform for information sharing: Enables secure sharing of information from disparate systems among joint venture partners via a single platform, improving efficiencies, access, and version control.
  • Role-based dashboard: Enables joint venture administrators to manage and share licenses via a role-based dashboard; roles (for committees, groups and individual users) and authorization levels are easy to set up and manage.
  • Reporting: Shared content is organized in a way that makes reporting fast and efficient; when reports need to be run, data from multiple sources (e.g., exploration and production) can be accessed, aligned, transformed and shared with all authorized parties, including authorities.
  • Cloud-based solution: Offered as a cloud service, making it highly suited to address the issues arising from changing partnerships, assets, processes and data volumes.
  • Security and identity management: Robust security and identity management capabilities ensure controlled access to information and secure information sharing on a need-to-know basis.


  • Enhanced collaboration on workflows, events, compliance, document sharing and data management
  • Increased data integrity, visibility, access and security
  • Greater information process efficiencies
  • Content management of different document types throughout their life cycle
  • Better governance and flexibility with regard to regulatory compliance
  • Easy-to-use, consistent interfaces across multiple ventures and partners