Kittredge Carswell

Kitt Carswell has 30+ years’ experience providing trade technology for banks and their corporate customers globally, including five years running CGI’s corporate banking for Europe. As Vice-President and Senior Offering Manager for CGI’s Trade and Supply Chain Solutions group, he is responsible for the strategic direction of CGI’s Trade360 global transaction platform and strategic business partnerships.

Kitt has led Trade360’s evolution from a global traditional trade solution into a fully integrated global platform with front-to-back and end-to-end solutions for traditional trade, payables, receivables and cash management.

Kitt was an early advocate of the supply chain centric view of trade banking to align bank offerings and solutions with corporate customers’ changing needs driven by the forces of globalization, working capital optimization and liquidity. He has advanced this perspective through industry groups, publications, Webinars, numerous speaking engagements, white papers, over 25 published articles and frequents quotes in industry journals.

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