Join the “Power of Unified Manufacturing” conversation

We are at an inevitable turning point in the history of manufacturing. Industry 5.0 objectives of sustainability and human awareness are ushering in a new era that requires manufacturers to reimagine everything—from their operations and processes to their organizational culture and mindset.

We invite you to join us for “Power of Unified Manufacturing,” CGI’s first virtual global manufacturing executive event. The event offers a platform to explore future business trends and discuss how technology-driven innovation can help manufacturing leaders respond to and navigate this new future.

Learn about our vision for Unified Manufacturing

Power-packed half-day event

This virtual event will include presentations from industry thought leaders, masterclasses and panel discussions with opportunities to interact with peers and leaders on the top challenges and opportunities facing manufacturers today. The event format allows you to participate in group and panel sessions. Once registered, participants will have the opportunity to access recordings for a month after the event.

Key discussion topics at the event include:

  • Sustainability and the clean energy transition
  • Data ecosystems and the role they play in circular economies and creating new revenues
  • Factories of the future and technology enablers
  • The future of supply chains


  • Operational technology (OT) security
  • Developing strategic road-maps for digital transformation
  • Cloud migration strategies
  • “As-a-service” offerings for new revenue streams



Main Plenary: 7:30 EST / 12:30 GMT / 13:30 CET


Welcome (10 mins)

Inaugural welcome to the “Power of Unified Manufacturing” and why it matters now more than ever.

Manufacturing at a crossroads (60 mins)

We are at a turning point in the history of manufacturing. As the industry continues to navigate the long-term impacts of the pandemic, manufacturers now face new geopolitical disruptions and a growing emphasis on environmental sustainability and human-centered objectives.

Join IDC's Stefani Naujoks and CGI experts Annette Trenz, Helena Jochberger and Nicole Zethelius, as they discuss the challenges facing manufacturers, explore what the future of manufacturing could look like and share ”hot of the press” research on what manufacturing leaders are prioritizing now.

Factory of the future (30 mins)

Today, manufacturers have the opportunity to create the factory of the future that intelligently connects and interfaces with their entire ecosystem to optimize and enhance operations. This digital factory realizes Industry 4.0 objectives while striving for true sustainability and human-centricity.

In this session, Coen Huesmann explores CGI’s vision for the “Factory of the Future.” Also, hear from leading manufacturers who are realizing their vision and already delivering concrete outcomes and tangible benefits across the shop floor.

Break (15 mins)


Masterclasses: 9:30 EST / 14:30 GMT / 15:30 CET

OT security and staying ahead of hackers

Lucien Sikkens, Lead OT security, ICS Security Center of Excellence

With the digitization of factories and digitally connected value chains, it is no secret that manufacturers increasingly find themselves vulnerable to cyberattacks. This masterclass gives you the opportunity to see and think like a hacker and explore the areas of your organization that threat actors may take advantage of. Fun and informative, we offer participants a FREE cybersecurity self-assessment valued at €700.

Taking charge of your Digital Value Chain

Becoming digital is about achieving business agility and innovation at scale. Today’s industry leaders embed digital into every aspect of their value chains: constantly seeking new ways to evolve their strategy and operational models and use technology and information to improve how they operate, deliver products and services, and create value. Join Craig Wallace as he explores 8 key considerations for all C-level executives and business leaders, who are looking to take their digital value chain to the next level.

Mapping your transformation journey

Marcel Mourits, Director Consulting Expert Manufacturing, CGI

The digital revolution and Industry 4.0 technologies offer manufacturers numerous opportunities to optimize performance, streamline production and realize their strategic visions. However, digital transformation is unique to each company and knowing where to start can be overwhelming and not without challenges.

In this masterclass, CGI's Marcel Mourits helps business and operations executives understand the possible next steps and how to transform the latest buzzwords into real-life practical actions.

Finding your way to the cloud

Erik Wynn, Global Product and Practice Leader, CGI

Most manufacturers acknowledge the benefits the cloud offers. But, embarking on your cloud journey and identifying which applications to migrate can be a complex task. During this masterclass, CGI's Erik Wynn will demystify cloud in manufacturing and help participants plan their migration route.

Break (10 mins)


Panel sessions: 10:30 EST / 15:30 GMT / 16:30 CET

Revolutionizing manufacturing with machine learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have the potential to revolutionize manufacturing processes. During this panel discussion, we will look at the tangible ways in which these technologies are helping manufacturers optimize production and delve into what the future holds for manufacturing with the integration of AI.

Data ecosystems and the circular economy

Circular approaches in manufacturing offer one of the most significant opportunities to fundamentally rethink how we use and reuse finite resources. By combining the push to become data-driven with the principles of a circular economy, manufacturers can redesign and transform the industry while unlocking additional business value. This panel discussion takes a close look at this potential pairing, and deep dives into the Catena X use case.

What will the future supply chain look like?

Supply chain resiliency has once again become a major focus for manufacturers as they navigate an unstable geopolitical environment and face increasing pressure to demonstrate sustainable sourcing practices.

This panel discusses some key questions facing manufacturers, including: How can manufacturers intelligently respond to this fast-changing world? Are manufacturers experiencing the need to pivot between local and global supply chains? And what role does the supply chain play in transitioning to a green economy?

Developing data ecosystems to generate new revenues streams

As manufacturers become more data-driven, they can benefit from harnessing data to deliver value-added services and generate new revenues streams. Join this panel discussion as we discuss novel ways of monetizing data streams and explore the power of connected ecosystems.

Manufacturing and the energy transition

The energy value chain is evolving rapidly. At the same time, manufacturers’ stakeholders are increasingly asking them to adopt more sustainable, carbon-neutral practices, creating a lot of interest in hydrogen as an energy option. Join this panel discussion to explore various clean energy options available to manufacturers and how best they can transition to them.

Wrap up and close: 11:20 EST / 16:20 GMT / 17:20 CET

At CGI, we believe tree planting initiatives — however big or small — contribute to reducing environmental impact and building a more sustainable world. As part of our commitment, we will plant a tree for each attendee joining the “Power of Unified Manufacturing” event.