CGI's founding, ongoing development and corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment is inspired and governed by the CGI dream:

To create an environment in which we enjoy working together and, as owners, contribute to building a company we can be proud of.

Intrinsic to this idea is our goal to serve as a caring and responsible corporate citizen, which is guided by one of our six core values:

Our business model is designed to ensure that we are close to our clients and communities. As members, we embrace our responsibilities to contribute to the continuous improvement of the economic, social, and environmental well-being of the communities in which we live and work.

CGI continues to strengthen a culture of sustainable and profitable growth by formalizing a collective commitment to acting responsibly across our global operations. This policy serves to publicly reinforce the importance of corporate responsibility in all facets of our business and to ensure alignment across all business units. From North America to Europe and Asia, we work together to ensure that our commitment to responsible business practices in terms of quality management, environmental responsibility, community giving and care of our professionals is achieved both within CGI and throughout our chain of partners/suppliers.


At CGI, employees are called members because we feel a powerful sense of ownership and accountability.

Health and wellness:

Our members are the key to making CGI’s dream and vision—to be a world class end-to-end IT and business consulting services leader helping our clients succeed — a reality. CGI believes that operational excellence is closely tied to the health and wellness of our members and is convinced that the promotion of these factors is crucial to their work-life balance and overall quality of life. To that end, CGI is committed to the following;

  • Promoting health and wellness to all members and encouraging them to adopt healthier lifestyles
  • Investing in initiatives and tools that target member’s health and wellness needs, education and interests

In doing so, we aim to have a positive impact on the well-being of each member, the satisfaction of our clients and the quality of the services we offer.

Acting as owners:

The fact that the vast majority of our members are CGI shareholders leads to responsible decision making and further personalizes our commitment to building a sustainable company in which we can be proud. In this area, CGI commits to the following:

  • Continuing to put into practice our philosophy of intrapreneurship through ownership programs
  • Encouraging members to make suggestions, ask questions and communicate issues and concerns


Our local proximity business model is designed to ensure that we are close to our clients and their communities. We live in the same communities as our clients and deliver sound advice and services right where they do business. We are also plugged into CGI's global network of resources, providing the value and expertise clients require.

Knowing that partnerships extend outside the workplace, CGI local business units embrace and engage in client causes and in the causes that most positively influence their local communities. This grassroots CSR approach ensures that all CGI communities benefit in the best possible manner through financial investments as well as through the volunteer involvement of our members. To that end, we are committed to the following charitable giving policy objectives:

  • Maintaining or increasing the amount that we dedicate to not-for-profit organizations each year as a function of overall profitability
  • Investing in organizations and programs that help enhance the well-being of local communities
  • Encouraging member volunteerism in their respective communities
  • Sharing CGI’s technology expertise on a pro-bono basis to help local communities and not-for-profit organizations


As a high-growth company, CGI understands that growth must not come at the expense of the communities where we do business or of the environment in general. This is why CGI is committed to contributing to the protection of the environment through responsible and environmentally oriented operating practices.

CGI’s environmental stewardship and sustainability policy objectives include:

  • Complying with or exceeding all applicable governmental environmental regulations, along with other commitments deemed significant to our clients and members
  • Implementing waste management practices that promote reductions and recycling, including re-use, where appropriate. When waste is unavoidable, to ensure it is disposed of properly
  • Reducing and preventing pollution through energy, waste and resource management best practices
  • Promoting the creation and utilization of sustainable facilities
  • Communicating our environmental policy, practices and progress to all stakeholders


CGI’s Code of Ethics reinforces the importance of acting in an ethically sound manner and stresses this to all of its members through the following three commitments:

  • Behaving in line with CGI’s core values when working on behalf of CGI for clients and other stakeholders.
  • Respecting the human rights in every aspect of our business
  • Supporting our members as ethical issues arise, and ensuring an open door policy for resolving such issues with integrity


CGI’s corporate social responsibility extends to our partners and suppliers. By adopting a purchasing/procurement program that takes into account the environmental impact of products and services, we are further strengthening our contribution to a sustainable future. Our sustainable procurement policy objectives include:

  • Selecting only partners/suppliers that comply with all applicable governmental environmental regulations
  • Selecting only partners/suppliers that comply with internationally recognized human rights standards
  • Favoring suppliers that strive to reduce their environmental footprint


At CGI, we believe that good corporate governance is an important tangible asset that contributes to performance, reputation and shareholder value. We take our responsibility seriously to communicate and, more importantly, to live our beliefs and practices, and to evolve and refine those practices in response to ever changing business and regulatory environments.

CGI’s governance policy objectives include:

  • Ensuring the independence of the Board of Directors from management making for a more autonomous and effective board
  • Splitting the role of Chairman of the Board and CEO to increase the independence of decision-making while maintaining an independent Lead Director position;
  • Maintaining a governance committee responsible for oversight and accountability at the Board level
  • Ensuring communication and transparency on all material issues related to corporate governance