Telstra’s investment in the uPair entitlement server empowers customers to use the built-in cellular capability of their wearable technology.

In 2017, Telstra chose long term partner CGI and our uPair product to be part of the global launch of the Apple Watch into the Australian telecommunications market. The uPair entitlement server enables Telstra customers to connect multiple SIM and eSIM enabled devices to ‘Telstra One Number’.


  • An easy-to-integrate, entitlement server solution with low entry cost for the customer’s end users

  • Compatible with Apple and Samsung devices

  • High availability, low latency, and fault-tolerant provisioning system

  • CRM integration and customer entitlement management

  • Built-in multiple edge case scenario capability and ACID compliance

  • Enables new revenue subscription streams

With the built-in cellular capability of Apple Watch (GPS + cellular), the ‘Telstra One Number’ connection allows customers to bundle wearable devices into a low-cost entry point. This gives customers the freedom to leave the house without their mobile handset. Leveraging uPair entitlement capabilities with Telstra One Number product was an Australian first and allows customers to share a single number with multiple devices, with accurate subscriber identification information within the Telstra network.

“Telstra selected CGI to deliver our mobile entitlement and Websheet server because of their deep integration with Telstra systems. CGI played an integral role in the launch of the 2017 Apple Watch and were critical in enabling a brilliant customer experience.”

– Miklos Horvath, Group Owner Converged Service Enablement, Telstra

Our team worked with the Telstra architecture and design teams to deliver the entitlement server as part of ‘Telstra One Number.' The full solution involved collaboration and integration between Telstra, Apple, Ericsson and eSIM vendor G&D. The uPair product incorporated third party API’s, Telstra API’s, our own family of new APIs, and with the workflow management and Websheet portal delivered a premium user experience.

Our turn-key entitlement server allowed Telstra to focus on the strategy and product rollout needed to deliver and support ‘Telstra One Number.’ uPair successfully abstracted third-party APIs, the paired relationship lifecycle management and all related data and user interfaces.

“Telstra One Number has been a highly successful value add service and boosted average revenue per user. Our customers can now get their number on their wrist for $5 per month1. With the ongoing growth of Telstra One Number, we look forward to expanding our capability to include Google WearOS, connected car, and Apple Family Plans in the near future.”

– Miklos Horvath, Group Owner Converged Service Enablement, Telstra


uPair provides Telstra with a telco-grade, real-time, highly available entitlement service that was able to meet the aggressive timelines of the 2017 Apple Watch launch. CGI developed and customized the uPair product, and successfully integrated it into the Telstra network on time. The ‘Telstra One Number’ rollout exceeded Telstra’s expectations, as evidenced by high adoption and customer satisfaction rates. CGI also subsequently played an integral role in the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Watch into the Australian market.

Thousands of Australians are connected to the Telstra network for phone calls and messages via their wearable devices using uPair software.

Learn more about integrating uPair into your network.

1Telstra pricing correct as of September 2021.

The project referenced in this case study was delivered by Unico, which CGI acquired in March 2022.