How can you gain real-time, situational awareness of threats in an increasingly complex business environment, while also driving business agility?

With CGI’s Security Operations Modernization Advisory Services, you can modernize your security posture with dynamic operations using advanced capabilities and a proactive approach.


Modernizing security operations with an insights-led approach

Today’s organizations require agility and innovation to deliver seamless digital experiences—anytime, anywhere. In response, customer, employee and supplier ecosystems have become more complex, connected and open. At the same time, cyber risks and threats are growing in velocity and complexity.

Addressing today’s digital realities requires a fundamental change in security operations, whether evolutionary or transformative. Building modern, proactive security operations for the digital world has become a business imperative for enterprises across industries. Our promise is simple—to help you build modern security operations that meet evolving digital demands.


Our Security Operations Advisory services include:

  • Security Operations Capability: Using the right framework for your unique situation to help you understand and prioritize investments
  • Security Operations Visibility: Helping you understand the telemetry across your enterprise using an assessment of your current state and recommendations
  • Managed Content Services: Using an intelligence-based assessment to deliver new use cases for visualizing and addressing threats
  • Replatforming Security Operations: Assessing if replatforming is required and recommending the right approach and technology partners
  • Security Operations Modernization Strategic Business Case: Developing a roadmap and strategic business case, including an “own vs. buy” assessment and recommendations
  • Security Operations Mentoring and Training: Delivering mentoring and training for your security operations staff, covering various aspects of running a modern security operations
  • Cybersecurity Crisis Response: Providing specialized advice to activate a rapid response, trace incidents, understand the attack, hunt for further threats, contain and eradicate all threats, recover, and capture lessons learned

Proven security operations delivery experience

Evolved through more than 40 years of experience in assessing and managing our clients’ risks, protecting their businesses and enabling them to operate with confidence, we take an integrated approach to designing and engineering today’s modern security operations.

We operate a network of 8 security operations centers across the globe from which we protect, detect and respond to threats and keep our clients secure, 24/7. We bring lessons learned and know-how from securing critical systems for complex business domains—from financial services to military operations.

Our advisory services reflect our experience in building, operating and modernizing our own security operations, and from our global client experience across diverse industries. We provide guidance for building the right capabilities, talent mix, governance, processes, technologies, tools and methods to enable real-time situational awareness of vulnerabilities and threats across the enterprise. This includes continuously monitoring, hunting, detecting and responding rapidly to contain threats.