Increasing collection volumes, budgetary constraints, fast-changing economic conditions and executive leadership demands are putting pressure on default managers to improve processes and performance. However, limited information from inflexible reporting solutions makes it difficult to drive business transformation.

CGI Insight, part of the comprehensive CGI Collections360 solution portfolio, addresses these challenges by enabling default managers to uncover valuable insight hidden away in their collection data and effectively use it to drive competitive advantage. With CGI Insight, default managers have access to the information they need—when and where they need it.

Key features

CGI Insight offers complete capabilities for using collections data to measure, better understand and improve collections performance. Its key features include the following:

  • End-to-end default management reporting and operational capabilities that cover all key performance areas, including agent, agency, compliance, strategy, financial and third-party performance

  • Comprehensive default management information with transaction, account and agent-level detail

  • Intuitive Web/mobile-enabled interface design

  • Clear and concise reporting templates

  • Tailored for ease of use by all user groups—from senior managers to agents

Key benefits

CGI Insight enables clients to drive more value from their default management operations through the following benefits:

  • Identification and evaluation of factors underlying performance

  • Monitoring of compliance-related activities

  • Sharing of information on default management performance

  • Rapid understanding of the impact and performance of strategies

  • Increased test-and-learn velocity

  • Shift of resources from generating reports to analyzing performance and driving improvements