Martin Lundqvist

Martin Lundqvist

Solutions Areas Director, Sweden

In my last blog , I shared the potential value of Apple’s iBeacon technology in transforming the passenger experience and transport operations. As I noted, there are already many real-life examples of its application in other industries such as retail. CGI, in fact, has used it to enhance park management and the customer experience for one of the largest theme parks in Northern Europe.

Our work for this park might be beneficial in helping transport and logistics organizations evaluate the potential benefits of iBeacon technology for their business, particularly in areas such a queue management, passenger movement across facilities, special offers, time management and more.

Building an iBeacon app
CGI was tapped for an iBeacon project by the amusement park in the summer of 2014. The theme park already had a mobile app for visitors, but it wanted to increase the app’s value to visitors by making it more interactive.

Using Apple’s new iBeacon technology, which enables a smart device to perform certain actions when it comes into proximity to an iBeacon transmitter, we enhanced the park’s app to deliver the following value-added services:

Entering the park
During the summer, the park’s busiest season, the lines to buy a ticket can be quite long. With the new app, context-based messages are automatically sent to everyone approaching the park with instructions how to get in as quickly as possible. For example, visitors who prepaid for their tickets are directed to a special entrance where they can walk straight in.

A table of case study on the use of iBeacon technology at a major theme park

Attraction wait times
Some attractions in the park are very popular and often have long lines. The original app provided wait times for attractions, but these were manually updated and not always accurate. With the iBeacon solution CGI built, wait times are determined and presented to app users in real time, ensuring higher accuracy and also enabling the park to make better logistical decisions in response to the information.

Special events
During peak seasons, many events take place at the park, and it can be easy to miss one. With the new iBeacon app, messages are sent to visitors providing them with a heads up on upcoming events.

Moving around the park
In addition to functionality that helps improve the customer experience, the new iBeacon app also benefits park management by, for example, tracking the movements of park visitors. The purpose is not to track individuals but rather to understand more about how people move around the park to facilitate improved park management.


iBeacon technology is on the rise and will likely become a key driver behind improving the customer experience and operations. Are you ready to try this technology? If so, contact us to learn more about how iBeacons can add value to your business.