Market Operator Services Ltd (MOSL), England’s market operator for the non-household water retail market, has extended its contract with CGI for another three years. CGI was selected by MOSL in 2015 to design, build and operate a central market system to support the operation of the non-household water market in England.

The contract extension, valued at approximately £6 million, reflects the successful five-year working relationship between MOSL and CGI and is focused on further improving the efficiency of services provided to the market, developing innovative value added offerings and supporting MOSL’s aim of making it easier for market players to interact with the company.

“MOSL has developed an ambitious business plan that reflects the maturity of the market and ensures a relentless focus on getting the basics right and providing value for money for retailers and wholesalers. With much of the business plan being enabled or supported by technology change, it is crucial that we have a clear technology vision. By working closely with CGI, we hope to drive both efficiency and innovation, creating a better functioning market that reduces overall market issues and risk, and makes MOSL easier to do business with and builds capability for the future,” said John Davies, Chief Information Officer at MOSL.

The contract extension started on April 1, 2020 marking the third anniversary of the launch of MOSL’s central market operating system (CMOS), the core operating system that underpins the English non-household water market.

CMOS was originally based on components of CGI’s Central Market Solutions (CMS) IP and has been developed using CGI’s extensive experience in utility central market implementations, CMOS sits at the heart of the market.. CMOS allows 1.2 million businesses, from the smallest charities to the largest public authorities, to choose their water and wastewater services retailer. It supports competitive water market operations by facilitating the collection and maintenance of essential data, enabling customers to switch between suppliers easily and ensuring smooth settlement and payments between retailers and wholesalers, among others benefits. On any given day, CMOS processes an average of 90,000 transactions performed by more than 3,600 (active) system users. Mark Aston, Senior Vice President, Utilities for CGI’s operations in the UK said, “The extended contract will allow CGI to work closely with MOSL and support their ambitious business plans to support and improve the non-household water market. In particular, CGI will bring innovative solutions to drive efficiency and service excellence - which we know is a key theme of MOSL’s 2020-21 business plan - and support new initiatives around data analytics and customer experience.”

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